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What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of top-quality services to fit your needs. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon. Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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Service Policy

With years of experience and continuing education, our staff is ready to serve you and your beauty needs. With our help, we'll find the best look for you, and deliver just the right services to achieve it. Our comfortable, relaxed, and stylish atmosphere is designed to make you feel fabulous. We can't wait to see you!


If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours' notice.

All services are guaranteed for 7 days. If you have any questions or concerns about your service, please call immediately.
(301) 620-8900 or email cuttingedgefrederick@comcast.net to schedule an appointment; however, walk-ins are welcome.

We appreciate all gratuities; however, we prefer them in cash or written check to your stylist.

Hair Cutting and Styling

Services to meet your hair cutting and styling needs

Hair Cuts for Women

Basic hair cuts are available for women to keep your locks even and trimmed. Get rid of unsightly split ends and encourage hair growth with regular trims from our exceptional team. You will love the way you look!

Hair Cuts for Men

Basic hair cuts are available for men which may employ scissors or an electric trimmer to clean up your look and make you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. We will get you in and out in a minimum of time and ensure you look your very best. Finish with a salon-quality gel or pomade.

Children’s Haircuts (10 Years and Younger)

Our kid-friendly staff is specially trained to provide hair services for children of all ages. We understand that children may be fearful, impatient, or squirmy, but we will work with them with compassion and patience for a memorable and positive experience.

Professional Hair Styling (Shampoo/Set/Blowdry)

Professional styling services are available from highly trained stylists. From traditional, classic looks to more expressive modern approaches incorporating asymmetry and advanced techniques... we can create just the look you are hoping for with a combination of impeccable technique and the finest hair care products available only in salons.

Hair Dry Blowouts (Long Hair)

When you just want to look your best for the day or night out, stop by for an a la carte blowout. You will leave with perfectly styled hair.
  $36 and up

Facial Grooming (Beard and Mustache)

The barbershop shave is a classic service to make you look and feel great. In the modern world of disposable razors and electric shavers, it's easy to keep that beard or mustache trimmed. But a salon-style shave will give you the most symmetrical and closest shave you have ever had.

Professional Hair Color

1 Process Color

Does not include haircut
  $95 and up

Flash Highlight

Less than 10 foils used to accentuate your haircut (haircut not included)
  $65 and up

Color and Haircut/Style

1 process color plus haircut/style included
  $120 and up

Foil Highlight

  $150 and up

Foil Highlight W/ Color

1 process color plus foil highlight (haircut included, toner not included)
  $180 and up

Specialized Color (Balayage, Ombre, Foilage, etc.)

Specialized highlighting to meet the individuals needs (haircut included)
  $200 and up

Cap Highlight

Haircut included, toner not included
  $140 and up


  $30 and up

Hair Texturing

Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair


  $125 and up

Specialty Perms

This service is for long hair that needs a special wrapping technique to achieve the look you want.
  $175 and up

Keratin Smoothing System

Hair smoothing services to tame your hair and give you a beautiful new look (includes haircut and take home hair care kit)

Other Hair Services

Other hair services to make you look your best

Scalp and Conditioning Treatments

Hair and scalp treatments are designed to address problems with dandruff, dry scalp, or damaged hair due to environmental stress and overprocessing.
  $25 and up

Facial Hair Removal

Eyebrow shaping services may include tweezing and waxing of the brow and forehead to remove unwanted hair and sculpt perfect eyebrows for you. We also offer full face waxing services.
  $12 and up

Bridal Services


Bride To Be

-Hair Consultation and Trial
-Wedding Day Style

Here Comes the Bride

-Hair and Makeup Consultation and Trial
-Wedding Day Style and Makeup

Happily Ever After

-Hair and Makeup Consultation and Trial
-Wedding Day Style With Extension Placement and Makeup Application (Purchase extensions is additional costs)

Wedding Party Services:

Formal Style Trial

  $80 and up

Formal Style

  $80 and up

Junior Formal Style (Ages 5-10)

  $60 and up

Flower Girl Formal Style (Ages 5 and Under)

  $50 and under

Blowout Style

  $40 and up

Blowout and Formal Style

  $120 and up

Makeup Services:

Makeup Application

  $65 and up

Junior Makeup Application

  $40 and up

Flower Girl Makeup Application

  No Charge

False Eyelash Application Only


Tattoo Cover-Up

  $20 and up

Additional Services:

Touch Up Service Option 1

The stylist remains on location until after the ceremony.

Touch Up Service Option 2

The stylist remains on location until after pictures and ceremony.

Services Performed on Holiday


Travel Fee

$100- up to 50 miles roundtrip
$200- over 50 miles roundtrip and Sundays

Vomor Hair Extensions

Please Visit Salon for Pricing

Gift Certificates

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